What to expect



 Some elements of stretching, so please dress appropriately- no one likes to split trousers!  

Fitted tops are preferable as they stay in place,  otherwise you could spend your practice trying to adjust your outfit.

Yoga is best done bare footed to help your balance, grip and flexibility, but you can keep your socks on if you prefer, as long as you are extra careful.

There is a small relaxation at the end of the class to thank your body for its work. 

So bring layers to keep yourself comfy and warm  

A great article on starting yoga, hilarious!

Food and drink

 The possibility of getting warm, so please bring some water to rehydrate yourself.

Try not to eat a heavy meal just before class as it can leave you feeling depleted.  


Mats, blocks and straps are provided so no need to bring your own unless you’d prefer to.    

First Class?

If you have any questions please feel free to email or call me, no question is too small!

Please come and introduce yourself on your first class, and get there a few moments early so we can have a chat and you can fill in a medical questionaire, to make sure you are safe to practice yoga and so that I can modify any postures for you.

Have a look at the link below if you would like to get a bit more familiar with common yoga language.

Yoga lingo for beginners

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