About Me


Yoga has quite simply saved my life, in beautiful, thoughtful and funny ways.

I would love to pass this on in my classes and share this with anyone willing to lend me their bodies, soul and minds.


I'm Gemma, and I practice and teach in East Sussex. I  have been trained by the British Wheel of Yoga (300hr) who are the sports governing body for yoga.

This means I'm experienced, careful, patient and totally dedicated to sharing yoga with you. 

I also have 75hrs with the Sacred Fig yoga trainers.

 Graduated from rainbow kids yoga.

I'm also lucky enough to teach 6 classes a week to 14-18 year olds  


I also have 7 years training with the yoga cats society (totally made up organisation, which my two cats belong to) so I can give guidance on how to practice whilst being attacked or cuddled by your feline friends.